Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 3, 2012

Little things

I do not enjoy shopping. Seldom do I buy clothes, especially for myself (much to my mother’s dismay). But I do love, and I mean L-O-V-E, shopping for books & magazines (especially on sale), school supplies – notebooks & stuff, & crochet/yarn thingies.

Today I am quite pleased with my purchase. A handsome planner which I shall dedicate to all things pertaining to our household – kids’ homework & projects, bills, school affairs, kumon reminders, piano/violin lessons, etc.


It’s kinda cheap but does not look like the run of the mill planners. Quite attractive. Faux woven cover (synthetic, actually). And with more than enough space for stuff.


Plus a separate spiral notebook with the left side consisting of

lined pages, & checklists (complete with tick boxes) on the right. I do believe they got me at “action plan” ;p


I also bought me a car phone charger at a very reasonable price (I have been scouting for this since last year & I don’t know what took me this long but all’s well…)


And finally, a 50-peso cup of latte from Red Ribbon (that’s about a dollar for you – in the off chance that [1] someone else gets to read this, and [2] that that someone is from somewhere else). Starbucks is good but I don’t feel right about spending almost half somebody else’s minimum daily wage on coffee. This is good enough for me.


Ah, bliss. I thank God for the little things.


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