Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 4, 2012

Little Things from Little People

Had some trouble sleeping last night; finally managed to zzz at around 2:45 in the morning.

So early today, like a zombie, I dragged myself out of bed & kissed hubby & each kid goodbye. Wished them a good day at school/work – it’s the first school day of the year! – & said my ‘i love you’s. Then crashed right back to bed.

At past 8, I woke up to a very quiet house. Felt a bit sad & lonely. I missed the noise, the laughter, the clutter, even the whines =) But this thing on our dresser cheered me up:


It was a (still empty) picture frame hubby got from an office mate as a gift last christmas. But if you’d look closely down below…


… little people made of clay! Hubby tells me our little girl, the 5-year-old kept walking to our dresser & then out of the room & then back countless times yesterday while I was away at work.


Aren’t these the cutest, most adorable little people? She made 5 for each of us in the family. Each one had hair, large eyes, & a huge grin


Oh, I just know it’s going to be one great year!


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