Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 5, 2012

Bigger is (much) better!

Yesterday I started working on yet another crochet project (I have so many *WIPs!)

I have been working since looong ago on a sunburst granny square project. Pattern from here.

Originally, I planned to turn it into a blanket. But because I used cotton thread 8, each square turned out to be just a little more than an inch small. Yup, those are the squares in my header up there.

They’re pretty, so much fun to make; I could bring them anywhere. (I made 1 or 2 at my clinic in between patients). The project ‘excites’ me while working on my other WIP – the equally beautiful but less exciting (to make) vintage stripe Anyway, I realized soon enough that it would take me forever to finish a blanket with those teeny tiny squares. So plan B – turn into a mantel/piano topper.


A couple of months later, I slapped my forehead & said to myself – no, will make a cushion/throw instead.

Last night, I had this brilliant idea of using the same pattern, this time, using 2 strands & a larger hook. Lo & behold! LARGE squares!


Another smack on the forehead! Had I thought of this before, I would have finished my piano topper ages ago. Hmp.


See what I mean? I’m working on this with renewed excitement. Have to finish something or else I will feel like a big-fat-crochet-failure!

* WIP – work-in-progress


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