Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 6, 2012

Dinos Galore!

Our boy, who’s turning 8 in a month, has a great fascination for dinosaurs. I cannot remember how or when he fell in love with them.


One day last year, I surprised him with a great find from Booksale. A huge book aptly called ‘Dinosaurus’. I struck gold with that one! Glossy pages, elaborate illustrations, & pages of details (details!) re these huge, extinct creatures.

Now, he walks around spewing dinosaur facts like the tyronnausarus rex grows up to __m (can’t remember that), or that the apatosaurus is assumed to have 8 hearts that pump its blood up its long neck. He spent a lot of time playing with his plastic dinos.

He also enjoys quizzing the rest of the family like so:
Son: Mom, when did this so-&-so live? Jurassic period, cretaceous period, or something-period? (can’t remember that too)
Me: Uhm… (wait, I’m good at intelligent guesses. It got me through a lot of exams in med school)… Cretaceous period?
Son: (nods) Ok… early-, mid-, or late-cretaceous?
Me: (looking stumped) Ah. I don’t know.

Son proceeds to give me the correct answer & then blabbers on & on about quarternary & tertiary periods & how the continents have been shifting, drifting apart for the post million years or so, etc.

Anyway, last night hubby surprised us all with a 3-part DVD special pack… Jurassic Park. Normally we do not allow movies on weeknights but we made an exception on this one.


We were enjoying ourselves immensely. I’ve forgotten how well they’ve made this film. The Boy proceeded to identify most of the dinosaurs correctly & hubby & I grinned proudly at each other across the room (Hubby says he only knows T. Rex; I know brontosaurus but the boy gently corrects me- apparently, it is now called an apatosaurus).

Mid-way, we found ourselves in the middle of our 2 girls, bawling their eyes out in fear! “Daddy, I told you we should have watched ‘ Happy Feet’ instead!”

Needless to say, everybody ended up sleeping in our room. Thank God for those disney mats the girls got for christmas. I wonder if they’ll still be up for parts 2 & 3 this weekend.

* dino pic from here


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