Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 7, 2012

The Hobbit

I am currently trudging through my ‘The Hobbit’ paperback. Despite my busyness, short attention span, & crochet/work/household distractions, it’s turning out to be a very exciting read. But of course! Tolkien!


Our family has this habit (influenced by hubby) of watching & rewatching films over & over. Favorites include all 7 Harry Potter films, and of course The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The kids know the major characters, at least.

My fervent wish is that they will grow up to be not only film lovers, but book lovers as well. I see them picking up our HP paperbacks occasionally. Maybe they will pick up the TLOR from the shelves when they’re a little older.

Now, on to the next page…


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