Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 9, 2012

A definite pick-me-up

So the rumors are true: there’s nothing like a bit of exercise to lift one’s moods.

Hubby & I signed up for our parish’s fund-raising run to celebrate its 10th year (he for 5k, me for 3k). It’s scheduled on the 21st (yes, of this month! *panic*). Hubby has been slowly preparing for it for about a month now. Today, I did my run (mostly brisk walking, really) & biking – the second since last saturday. I’m pooped. And I feel good.

Sure, there were moments when I felt like walking back to our house, or when it seemed like if I ran any further my head would explode. A few times it felt as though if I didn’t stop running I would pass out ;p

All in all I walked/ran 2.7 km – that’s one round around our village – then biked another round. Good thing the kids & I have finished homework & kumon.

Later tonight, time to treat myself with a little crochet.


Runner pic from here


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