Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 16, 2012

A full week

This past week has been a full & happy one.

Thursday was spent with P, my one & only sister/sibling. Eye check up with my classmate/ophtha (good news), lunch, a bit of errands/shopping, then dinner/coffee. It was great catching up on each other’s affairs one-on-one.

The weekend was abuzz with activities. Went home to in-laws for a simple, sort of mini get-together. Them my bestfriend’s wedding, a renewal of vows on their 14th year.

Then Sunday was back to homebase with piano lesson for the Big Girl, Hubby’s church meeting, then I chaperoned the 2 girls to a birthday party whilst Hubby & the Boy bonded at the driving range. Ended with a light family dinner.

As Hubby & I crawled back to bed last night, I realized that time spent with loved ones, though it usually entails considerable planning & energy, is almost always time well spent.

I also realized that after all the hustle & bustle – there is simply no place like home.

This week’s challenges:
:: exams week for the 2 girls (Lord, help me, I mean, them pls)
:: hubby out of town today until Thursday
:: grocery shopping/menu planning
:: christmas tree & ornaments that are dying to be stored back in the attic
:: a looming (dreadful) deadline that entails trips to the city plus considerable paper work (horrors!)
:: last but not the least, some catching up on my reading (yes, still ‘The Hobbit’) and crochet

Take a deep breath & smile!

* Lately, ‘Le Festin’ has ben stuck in my mind. I’m not complaining though. Isn’t it a great song for an LSS?


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