Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 23, 2012

Weekend fun: my first “run”, hooky stuff, & LOTR

Last Saturday, our whole family joined a fun run in support of our parish’s 10th year. It was my first ever “run” and I felt really good about managing to finish 3 km; never mind if it was more like run-walk-run-walk-walk. (Hubby ran 5 km while the kids did 1 km – I’m so proud!).

My legs ached like mad the following day but it was well worth it. This morning, hubby and I ran around the village again:

He ran 2 rounds ( 5.4 km); I walked 1 round and biked the 2nd round.

What else did we do?

Hubby and I went to the market to buy some fresh fish; it was a ‘luxury’ as I seldom have the time to go to the wet market. Most of my food-shopping is done in the supermarket where the seafood is not as fresh as you’d want them to be. Anyway, the kids were very happy. I’m thinking it’s high time for us to make some changes in our diet – less meat (particularly pork), more fish & produce.

The family watched the first two of The Lord of the Rings trilogy AGAIN! I am currently still reading ‘The Hobbit’ and it’s amazing how much more I appreciate LOTR now. And while we were at it, I managed to crochet a handful of granny squares for my cushion plus a couple of soapsavers for my mom and sister =)

Then today (we  had a 3-day weekend by the way because of the Chinese New Year), mom and my sis and her family came over to visit. Sis brought some scrumptious revel bars (store-bought) while Mommy gifted us with a pretty potted plant for our living room (note to self: remember to post pic next time).

It was a laid back day, with hours spent by the pool while the kids/cousins frolicked in the water.

Apart from a dear patient of mine who had passed away this morning, this long weekend has been super.


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