Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 30, 2012

First Projects

Today I thought I’d give you a peek into some of my “old” crochet projects and a couple of my numerous WIPs. This here was my first ever finished work, a Shell Afghan laptop mat for my desk then (not counting the coaster on the upper left) :

I have since gotten myself a nicer (& more cluttered) desk & have used the mat as a cover for our printer.

I gained some confidence after that first work & dared to make a phone cozy with no pattern (gasp!).

Lastly, my “biggest” work so far, a Granny Stripes Blanket (pattern from Lucy of Attic 24). Here it was, still with the intimidating ends waiting to be weaved.

Here it is again while I was working on the borders. It ended up being a little wrinkly on the edges but I love it just the same!

Here it is again, in action, keeping the Big Girl warm (sorry for the poor quality of the pic).

Up next – some WIPs. First, another Granny Stripe, now in more subdued, earthy colors.

And a Vintage Stripe Blanket; pattern by Bella Dia, happily discovered through Ravelry.


Now, time to for some hooky time. Have to work on my cushion; it’s been a slooooow creep but we’re getting there ;p



  1. Hello! Stopping by for the first time to your sweet blog! I have perused many of your posts and enjoyed each one!

    Loved seeing your crochet projects. The afghans were beautiful! Good job!
    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!

    Nice to meet you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

    • Hi, Lorraine. Thank you very much for your kind words! You have made my day. =)

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