Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 30, 2012


Yarn! Or more aptly, crochet threads! Get ready to drown in my stash. I now realize I have more threads than I care to admit (probably more than I could possibly ever use in my lifetime, as Hubby jokingly told me once). Anyway, at the risk of being perceived as mentally ill… here we go!

It all started with this storage bin.

And then Hubby & I discovered this store. Heaven!

Palengke ng Binan, Laguna

Currently, I have 7 boxes of crochet threads from that store (SEVEN!) – that’s a dozen in each box! I do have pictures of what’s inside each box but I will refrain from posting that now =)

Then, late last year, we ventured into Bodega ng Pasig and got these:

So now, I have another bin stashed under our bed.

Then last year, a Ninang (godmother) of mine surprised me with these a couple of weeks before Christmas. Such a lovely gift.



  1. Hi! I am very much interested in knowing how to get to this bodega of yarns at Pasig…I was wondering if you could share to me how you went there. Thank you so much! šŸ™‚

  2. […] yarns”, relatively affordable thread bought by the kilo from Pasig. (I blogged about my stash HERE and HERE ). They were a bit dusty & the color choices were limited. Some I found to be too thin […]

  3. Hi K,the pic of the yarn shop in binan above posted in your FB was the one that got me curious about crochet! Thanks!

  4. Where exactly in palengke ng binan?

    • Hi! Facing the church, it’s on the right side. You’ll have to walk past some stalls that sell/arrange flowers. It’s a craft/party needs store with one big glass display of thread. (Sorry I don’t know the name of the store). Thanks for dropping by!

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