Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 1, 2012

King David Rocks!

I have been  doing my best to diligently follow the Catholic Daily Bible Reading Guide. As a sort of feedback, I highlight the dates when I’ve been reading them on the date:


I’ve missed quite a few & hope to do better this month (can you believe it’s February already?!).

Anyway, so the books of Samuel have been featured for weeks now & I have come to know more about King David. What an exciting life he has lived! And what a great king. No wonder God picked his bloodline – Jesus is actually one of his descendants!

The fascinating thing though is that despite his greatness, he was also very human.

His life was so exciting I truly think it would make for an awesome movie. Imagine that scene between him & Goliath. How, as a little boy, he tried on the armor & said – nah, too heavy. This won’t do. I prefer my stick, sling, & smooth stones.


And then the army scenes! I’m thinking Lord of the Ring-type fight scenarios. Plus the range of emotions that King David felt: from tearing his clothes in sorrow…


… to dancing & singing with all their might to the Lord…


Plus his adulterous affair & his rebellious son.

Very exciting. Any Hollywood producers out there?

* Illustrations from the Good News Bible, Good News Translation, Catholic Edition


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