Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 3, 2012


The three & a half-hour break between my Friday morning & afternoon clinics are almost always spent attending the weekly medicine department conferences. Having attended last Monday’s grandrounds, I decided today I deserve a break.

I was pretty excited this morning, planning on buying myself some much-needed work AND home clothes (yes, you have got to believe it; to me, shopping for clothes almost always feels like a chore). I felt giddy driving as I switched between Magic 89.9 & 88.3 Better Fridays.

But as soon as I stepped on the mall, the inevitable happened…

… I got sucked into a bookstore, a craftstore, & a record bar the same way one falls victim to a blackhole. I was – happily – stuck, & I enjoyed every moment of it!

Grabbed Starwars 2 & 3 (no 1 available, drat). The kids love to read their Lego catalogues again & again & have expressed curiosity about all  things Yoda & Jedi. So.


I picked up some elastic cords for the girls’ beading projects


and a spare crochet hook (Tulip 5/0-7/0) – I was always feeling paranoid about losing my favorite hook in the middle of a hooking frenzy & imagining it would feel almost like the end of the world!

Then I rummaged at Booksale for some crochet mags… no such luck. It was teeming with quilting & knitting & scrapbooking books & mags but NO CROCHET. Not fair!

Anyway, I managed to pick these up. =)


Then had an hour-long lunch of batchoy & sinfully fried porkchop while reading O magazine. I intentionally thought of my 3 km walk/run yesterday to ward off any guilty feelings that may spoil my day.

Currently, am at a Red Ribbon sipping my now-cold cafe latte as I write this draft.


Hah. So much for clothes. Maybe next week ;p

Plans for the rest of the day: clinic; Hubby & Little Girl’s appointment with my friend dermatologist (think: icky flakes & a nasty wart); then an evening first Friday vigil at St. Bridget’s convent in Tagaytay.

Bring on the weekend!



  1. We have some major Star Wars geeks in our family! My 2 year old seriously cried tears in the car yesterday morning when she asked if we could listen to the Imperial March (or as she likes to call it, ‘Darth Vader’ song) and I told her AFTER we listened to the ‘Darth Maul’ song that my son requested. We even have a Star Wars family of decals on the back of my van… so I’m sure all those who hear us drive by are thinking we are crazy fanatics!

    Not crazy about clothes shopping for myself either. I totally prefer a bookstore or crafting store any day! Good for you! 🙂

    • A 2-year-old Star Wars geek… how cool! =)

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