Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 5, 2012

Running & Coffee Calmed Me Down

I have been feeling some work-related frustration & angst lately. The weight of it all seems to be more evident as the week ended. I was impatient & easily annoyed; you wouldn’t want to spend time with me.

This afternoon, after a short nap, I was planning on doing some crochet but decided to go for a run instead. With a heavy heart, I laced my shoestrings & walked out the door. I realized then that one would never, ever regret having spent some time outdoors. Never.

After 3 km of 5-minute walk/1-minute run cycles, I came back feeling better & lighter. The worries are still there but they seem more… what’s the word? Manageable?

After I have taken a shower, Hubby was back from church service. The kids were put to bed & we went out for quick dinner & some quiet time, each with his/her own newspaper: me with my latte, he with his caramel frappe.


We shared a cookie & read each of our papers intently. We only looked away from our papers to share interesting articles or commentaries with the other. For some reason, I found that time spent to be very calming. I came home feeling refreshed, ready to face the coming week.

P.S. Hubby, I noticed, has been exerting extra effort to spend some time with me every week (sans kids). Last week, we watched ‘Mission Impossible 4’, last full show while the kids were asleep. I really appreciate the effort. =)


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