Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 8, 2012

My Love Affair with All Things Crochet

Another confession: I probably spend more time poring over crochet books & blogs than doing actual crocheting. Crazy, I know. When I feel too tired or stressed or blue, it… comforts me. Much like an oh-so-familiar stuffed animal comforts a frightened toddler.

My love for crochet started when, during a particularly trying phase in my life when I started coping with the reality of certain health issues (non-life threatening but incredibly annoying), I chanced upon this very cheap book at a Booksale (the one on the right):


It was November 2010 & it opened up a whole new world for me! In a frenzy, I bought a tiny ball of cotton thread & a few hooks & watched YouTube tutorials again & again. Here I was trying with all my might (a bit frustrating in the beginning, I tell you), while the Little Girl encourages me by saying things like “you’re too slow, Mom!” =)


With a little help from my Mom (demos), a cousin & a friend (over Facebook), I learned the basics. But I never stopped adding to my modest collection of crochet lit.


I fell in love with this Japanese crochet book (who wouldn’t?)


Aren’t these gorgeous?


Slowly but surely, my collection grew.


Over the past year, I got lucky with a few books & mags on sale, too.


These are rare finds as our Booksales feature mostly quilting, knitting, & scrapbooking mags.


What can I say? They make me happy! Sometimes the kids pull out one from the shelf & pick their favorites. The one on amigurumi (left, topmost pic) is their most favorite. I hope to make some amigurumi for them as soon as I get my hands on decent fiberfill.

Love, love, love!


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