Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 13, 2012

Cheery Weekend

Our weekend turned out pretty well. It was the girls’ school family day in lieu of their patron saint’s feast day. Our yayas (nannies) had the day off so it was good bonding time for the family. I cancelled my morning clinic & the kids seemed to enjoy having their mom puttering around them – flossing, nailclipping, bathing/scrubbing, etc.

Saturday afternoon was spent watching the school talent competition to support the Big Girl’s friends.

Yesterday, the girls had fever but I am so thankful they were well enough to join the cheering competition in the afternoon. They worked so hard; am so proud especially of the Grade 1 class!


Hope to post more pics soon. In the meantime, here’s the Boy flanked by his ‘cheerleader’ sibs.


It turned out to be a cloudy Sunday so the festivities were held in the school gym. It was packed full of eager moms & dads, even grandparents (wish I had taken more pics).

The Boy kept cracking me up with quips like, “This school is so full of girls, it’s making me nervous, Mom”. Once, while watching some girls strutting their cheerleading stuff while standing on top of chairs, he whispered to me, “It looks like they’re acting sexy, right Mom? Why do they do that?”

Hahaha, my boy. I’m sure you’ll feel much differently about these things a few years from now.

Hubby & I were kidding around to each other about how we would be doing this (going to school to watch their activities) for about 12 more years or so. By that time I’d be pushing 50! Not complaining though =)

Just got back from the market this morning after having dropped hubby off.


Now enjoying my coffee and lurking around Ravelry, especially the Afghan and Granny Square groupies. I just can’t get enough of them! So much inspiration! So many stashed crochet threads! So little time!

Have to get off my comfy chair now for some rounds & groceries!


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