Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 14, 2012

Happy valentine’s day!

Last night, the kids & I worked on some goodies for their teachers (in class & in kumon). I  brought home some chocolate bars from the grocery & urged the offspring to write notes.

I crocheted tiny hearts, thanks to this lovely pattern courtesy of HeloiseV (found via Tangled Happy).


They’re so quick to make! I helped the kids tie their notes to the chocolate bar using jute string then attached one crochet heart to each one.


I ended up crocheting a bunch of hearts for the kids, too. Also for the yayas, for the Little One’s panda bear,


another one which I’ve secretly attached to Hubby’s car keys…


The Big Girl also lovingly requested me to make one for each of her 15 (!) girlfriends. I happily obliged; though I was still working on the 11th by the time the school driver picked her up this morning so I owe her 5 more.

She gave me this sweet card in return =)


I wanted to take a picture of the Boy’s beautiful drawing for his dad but Hubby has hauled it off to display in his office.

Now, I am staying home upon the request of the little one who still has fever. Texted my secretary to cancel my clinic. Have to admit I’m more than happy to oblige. A day off! Just have to step out for a while in the afternoon for rounds.

Happy valentine! May your days be always filled with warmth & love.


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