Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 29, 2012

So much to-blog-about, so little time

I have so many stories to tell & yet this bug has left me feeling too lethargic these past few days; couldn’t muster enough energy to make my posts as upbeat as the  moment when things were ACTUALLY unfolding. You know, in real-time (Isn’t it funny… just a couple of decades ago, there was no such thing as “real-time”).

So, let me just jot down a few of my pending posts as a sort of reminder to myself:

– Big Boy’s birthday weekend;
– the day we went out on a walk with the kids;
– the trip to the Big City;
– Big Boy’s belated birthday present;

… plus some really overdue stories about:
– our trip to Baguio, especially to Easter weaving, & the other interesting stuff borne out of all the fun we had;
– vintage Reader’s Digest;
– Tagaytay;
– my first online purchase (crochet hooks);
– my desk.

Whew. Better get back to my crochet before I end up with a headache from these to-do’s.


I have decided to crochet them together, row by row, after I finish each set of 10 squares. It kind of makes the task less daunting, plus it gives me a happy kind of motivation to just keep going.


(See the pieces of blue yarn sticking out from in between some of the the squares? Since I was crocheting them together by rows, I tied the other still loose parts with a knot to keep the square from flip-flopping & thus lessen my confusion).



  1. It looks great! I love the colors and everything!

  2. I Love the scrappy-random feel your blanket is getting. Great job!

    It can be tricky to make the squares behave during the joining process, but it looks like you’ve got them under control. 🙂

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