Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 6, 2012

My DIY crochet hook grip

We do not have those fancy crochet hooks with lovely soft handles in our stores, so I almost yelled out loud in excitement when I saw this tutorial by Teresa.Had about a couple of hours break before my afternoon clinic today & thought I just had to give it a try. I bought these pencil grips


and a pack of ordinary clay


from the school supplies section of our department store at much less than a dollar a piece.

I them plopped myself on a comfy cushion at Pizza Hut, ordered lunch, then set off to work. Usually, I become too self-conscious in public but I was way too excited to care. (and, really, nobody cared. The waitress may have glanced a little but just smiled & well, maybe pretended not to notice).


So, I set off to work. Took a bit of trial & error – too much clay, still too much clay, too little, etc -before I figured out I needed to put the grip on first, and then stuffed the clay in it, using my spare hook as a sort of probe.

After about 10 minutes, & some sticky fingers, voila!


My very own hook with comfy grip! Worries creep in – will the clay spill out while I work & stain my thread? Is this durable? I’m thinking next time, I’d have to use putty (as the original tutorial suggested) & enlist hubby’s help in maybe baking it, I don’t know. But for now I am extremely pleased!

Now, time to enjoy my mushroom soup & pizza.

** Edited: This grip didn’t work out but I did find a better way to make my own hook grip =)


  1. I use and old stunted pencil that has a broken lead inside or even a small stick of dowling. I then strap sellotape around whatever I have used any my hook to make a sturdy handle. Not as pretty as your grips but just as good, the stronger the tape the better

    • That’s a smart idea! Thanks for the visit… let’s keep hooking!

    • I do not know if this was posted but here is my solution.
      Have a bunch of different size aluminum and steel hooks without comfort grips like Clover’s. I just cut thin piece of foam and wrapped around the shaft and fastened with rubber bands. It’s working out great for me. Rubber bands give a light gripping and it’s not permanent so if not needed, you can always undo the rubber bands.

      • Great idea! Thank you. =)

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