Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 9, 2012

50 squares done… 100 to go!

Forgive me for having to write about these tiny updates. It motivates me & pushes me to just keep going.

I finished my 50th square at 2 in the morning & took a picture today just before the Little Girl left for school (those are her tiny feet).


She & I are quite pleased. Since I’ve had these hook grips, I was able to crochet for longer periods – it felt more ergonomic.


So, I’ve been crocheting until dawn twice this week (with adequate sleep on nights in between). It was fun but I sometimes catch myself yawning at work, & now I feel a teeny-weeny headache coming on, haha. Must learn to manage my time more wisely or else, suffer the consequences – e.g. wrinkles! Ah, for the love of crochet!



  1. I seem to stay up too late crocheting too. But ’round here, it’s the only quiet time I get!

    You’re grannies are looking great!

  2. Thank you! It’s so great finding kindred spirits from all over. Crochet (& blogging) is such a blessing!

  3. I used to stay up late crocheting too, but for most of my life as a mom, I worked at home…so I could take naps during the day. As for the hooks, I am more comfortable with a plain hook… You’re afghan looks so lively!

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