Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 13, 2012

From Nothing to Everything

Today, I turn 38. Woke up to hubby’s birthday hugs & praised God for His.countless – COUNTLESS! – blessings. I couldn’t stop enumerating the people & things (mostly people) I’m grateful for….

… a loving husband & my three precious kids;
… my mom, my champion;
… my one & only dearest sis & her very kind-hearted husband;
… my dad up in heaven whom I’ve missed dearly for the past 6 years;
… my work & the invaluable gift of being able to help people and earn my living at the same time;
… our home;
… our health;
… my mom-in-law & the rest of my in-laws;
… the two young ladies who help us run our household;
… crochet, my key to destressing & the need to create;
… music & books;
… kids’ school, their friends, & the parents I’ve met;
… aunts & uncles;
… nephews & nieces;
… cousins & neighbors;
… friends in church & in community;
… friends from long ago;
… inspiring blogs & blog friends, & people who take time to read on & click ‘like’, or comment;
… the list just goes on & on.

I came into this world with nothing. Now I have everything I could ever need. My heart is filled to the brim with joy & gratitude.


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