Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 19, 2012

Happy Day

Today was one of those days when I could afford to stay home. Yes, all day. I consider it a true luxury. No scheduled work. No patients to see. But not without something to do.

The morning was spent working on my mini-lecture for tomorrow (more like a simple presentation). Read some, hugged & envied the Little Girl (LG) as she played lego while watching cartoons – first day of summer break for the lucky imp – and read some more.

After a few hours of shuffling from one reference to another, I managed to start working on my slides. Powerpoint, with a dash of tables & a hint of color. Nothing fancy.

By then, LG had joined me in the library. We sat quietly, listening to my favorite station. She, immersed in her pens & coloring books; me, sipping my coffee, & furiously clicking at several “windows” on my laptop screen as I typed away. I was a bit annoyed with our crappy internet connection (in retrospect, a huge blessing; no distraction).

The afternoon was spent partly on my presentation & mostly on making some worksheets for the Big Girl’s exams. The bigger kids came home one by one. We laughed, & bickered as they worked on their Kumon.

Afternoon rolled along: snack of sugar-sprinkled, fried bananas (plantains?) for me & the Boy; chocolate cereals in milk for the girls. Checked on the nest in the backyard. Then scrambled back upstairs.

Late afternoon – Studying. Blogs, crochet as usual. By then the internet connection has gone back to normal. I almost couldn’t get enough of Emma Lamb’s “ladies”, Lucy, and more.

Felt the need for some fresh air & biked around the village. About half an hour of leisurely biking. Only 3 km but better than having sat on my butt the while day, right?

Supper. Phone call from Hubby who has left this morning for a 3-day business trip. More leisurely time – we watched a few Adele songs over youtube. The kids seem to be drawn by her mostly grown-up songs. Fascinating. Then more play – lego & cooking toys for the kids, blogs & my trusty Google Reader for me.

Now, after a “smelling” marathon where in they fought & laughed over which pillows smelled like Mommy & which ones smelled like Daddy, the kids are fast asleep on our bed.

I sit quietly on my desk as I savor the precious book. Yes, I’m still at it. To make the most out of it, I tackle only a few pages at a time. Ah, me time.


In an hour or so, I would be squeezing myself in among the kids & we’d all be missing their Dad as we happily lay like sardines & drift away to sweet slumber.


Sometimes the most ordinary things make our lives truly wonderful.


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