Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 28, 2012

More Yarn! – Back to the Thread Shop

Few things are more disheartening than feeling gung-ho about a crochet project and running out of yarn/thread.

I have been bugging Hubby to please bring me back to the thread/yarn shop. The area is a bit crowded and I do not have the guts to drive myself to the place. We’ve both been quite preoccupied lately so I stopped nagging him and forgot all about it. Last Sunday, he surprised me by asking if I still wanted to buy some thread. BUT OF COURSE! (big, silly grin on my face).

So I sat down with one of my unfinished projects and began to plan for the trip.

This Vintage Stripe Blanket (pattern here) is queen-sized and has turned out to be quite a thread-guzzler. (I use double strands of size 8 cotton thread). A single stripe consumes almost half a ball. Yes, it’s turning out to be much expensive than a store-bought blanket but we still go ahead and do it, right? 😉 Nothing like a hand-made project – one infused with time, effort, and lots and lots of love.

We dropped the girls off to their piano lessons. Had to wait a while for my turn as the store was understaffed but I didn’t mind. (How I wish we had yarn factories/shops like the ones I drool read about in Matt and Dennis’ wonderful blog! Check out their posts and to-die-for photos here and here).

It was a dimly-lit, dusty craft/thread/haberdashery/party favor store located in an old market (palengke) but their cotton thread was the cheapest I could find. Plus the nicer, airconditioned yarn shop in the mall did not offer the same variety of colors.

Anyway, This photo below was taken from my last visit to the store in November last year.

I really wanted to take more pictures but I was too shy to do so; I guess I was even more embarassed at the prospect of having to say, “I blog” should the need arise.

So, I got busy with picking out the colors while Hubby stood patiently by. He was more than tolerant; in fact he was very supportive and made suggestions once in a while. Hooray for spouses who tolerate us and our crazy, crafty addictions!

We fetched the girls and as soon as we got home, I laid out the new purchases with (some of) my stash. Boy, was I mildly shocked to see just how much thread I have!

The kids were jumping up and down in excitement and kept saying, “Mom, you’re so rich in yarn!” Teehee.

Because of the volume of my thread and lack of a more suitable storage space, I realized the need for some sort of “method”. I cut out samples of each color and diligently taped these samples on the outside of its storage box.

I resisted the temptation to be too meticulous about the whole thing lest I end up not enjoying the process.

Amazing how much satisfaction I got from my thread-organizing bit!



  1. Wow! That’s a lot of yarn-happy crocheting!

  2. Thanks so much! =)

  3. LOL! I like that – “rich in yarn”! The only thing my boys tell me is that I have too much yarn!

    • Haha, kids say the funniest things. When my son was only 7, he asked if he can have my yarns after I die.

  4. Good luck! That should tide you over for a little bit I hope!

    • Oh, definitely! Wish I had more time to crochet, though. Love your owl hat!

  5. Olá
    Me inspiro em sua criatividade e vitalidade.
    Perfeita a sua organização, útil para falta de espaço.
    Obrigada por compartilhar.
    Seus filhos são lindos, seu crochet também.
    Lenita Vidal

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate it =)

      Muito obrigado pelas suas amáveis palavras. Eu aprecio isso.

  6. Wowza look at all that yarn! Do u run a crochet business?

    • Haha, no. I just hate running out of thread as I am now in the middle of a blanket project & threads are not easy to come by at our locale. I do *dream* of owning a craft shop someday! One can never have too much yarn, right? =)

      • I agree.

  7. wow! o.O where is this shop located? (im from manila) i just started crocheting. just cwme across your blog. love your projects. 🙂

    • Hi! That was in palengke ng Binan, Laguna. The thread is much cheaper than in mall craft stores. I hear there’s a good store in Farmer’s Market in Cubao called VC Trading. I hope to visit it someday. Thanks for dropping by. Happy crocheting! – Karen

      P.S. You may also want to check out this blog that I’ve discovered recently. She wrote some posts about local yarn sources. Check it out:

  8. […] relatively affordable thread bought by the kilo from Pasig. (I blogged about my stash HERE and HERE ). They were a bit dusty & the color choices were limited. Some I found to be too thin (about […]

  9. Hi! You are amazing blogger, I saw your blog because Im looking for Yarn store in Binan, but I live here in Dasmarinas, every store in here always run out of yarns .. even at wet market.. Could you tell me where exactly is that store? or do you know any store here in Cavite? I will really appreciate if you could help me… I do really in need of yarns

    • Hi, Ameena. It was at the palengke in Binan near the church. Facing the church, it’s on the right side… you walk past a few flower shops then come to a small, crafts/party supplies/thread store. I have not been back to that store since so hopefully andun pa. Thanks for dropping by!

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