Posted by: geekycrochetmom | March 31, 2012

Afternoon Walk

The kids have been enjoying the first few days of their summer vacation. With their legos & sylvanians, computer games, & pens/paper, plus constant laughing & bickering, there was no time to get bored (for now).

But I was worried they were spending way too much time indoors. So after work, I dragged them away from their cartoons & we walked the few blocks to our village convenience store.


The girls & I walked & chatted, while the Boy biked.


He kept stopping to turn to us & yell “please hurry up” but we didn’t mind him, haha.


I’d almost forgotten how peaceful our area can be; the peace & quiet had drawn me & hubby to come over & settle down here.

The kids stopped & asked to have some photos taken.



The Little Girl insisted on having her “jump shot” (how do kids learn about such things?).


We bought some ice cream on sticks & laughed on the playground as we ate (forgot to take pics again; besides fingers were too busy & sticky for photos).

They were thrilled to find out that the bridge over the clubhouse kiddie pool has been repaired. Again, they clamored for more pictures.


Kids do grow up fast. I relish these moments spent together. They do have simple needs & can be quite easy to please – walks, ice cream, & lots of photos!


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