Posted by: geekycrochetmom | April 4, 2012

Monday fun with the kids

Things have been pleasantly laid back lately. Yesterday was my last day of clinic but even the days before it have been lighter than usual. It seems everybody’s out of town, including the patients.

So on Monday, after Kumon class, the kids & I drove to nearby Nuvali for some leisure time.


They never tire of feeding the koi in the lake.


It was late morning so there were few people around which was good (the place is usually packed in the afternoons).

We then had some noodles & congee at a nearby “tea house”. No gadgets allowed at the table, I insisted. So we had time to chat & goof around and ended up forgetting to take a picture, haha.

Next up, some time at the games arcade. The two girls had a blast with Ducky Splash.


The Boy had a new-found friend/racing-competitor. Look at their faces, racing oh-so intently.


The other boy won but my heart beamed with pride as my Boy showed what a good sport he was; he flashed his friend a huge grin & a thumbs up sign. The friend wanted one more round but we had run out of card credits & I made the kids promise we’d have no “reloads”. The Boy cheerfully stood up & said “next time”. I’m so proud! (I’ve already said that, haven’t I?).

We reached home just in time for the piano tuner’s visit. He claimed he’s had no formal piano training. Yet he cleaned, & fiddled, & tuned the piano BY EAR! Fascinating.


Happy monday, it was. Crochet-wise, I have no new pictures to show. There’s been some progress, though. I am now working on the 9th row!

I do feel myself itching for a tiny project to do in between as a huge project like a blanket can take its toll sometimes. I wonder what. A doily? Some coasters? Or some aprons for the girls’ sylvanian toys?

Can’t decide. In the meantime, back to the granny square blankie.


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