Posted by: geekycrochetmom | April 10, 2012

More “nutty” stories


Excuse me for blathering on and on about Peanut. Her arrival in our home has brought every one in our family so much happiness and excitement. Hubby and I have been waking up early even during the holidays to feed and walk her.

I had a dog, a tiny terrier, when I was a kid. His name was Danger – my baby sister (then) picked the name from an animation in Sesame Street that repeatedly said, “Danger”, remember that one? He had a brush with death but recovered after a one-night confinement at the vet’s. Eventually, Danger died of another illness when I was 12. Heartbroken, I never asked for another pet. Years later, I snickered at dog-owners who strolled with their pets in designer prams. Secretly, I shook my head upon seeing dogs being brought to malls, cafes… more so at owners who clothed their dogs. How inhumane, I thought. Unnatural.

Now, all my dog-loving instincts have been reawakened. Hubby (H)  has been teasing me about my “puppy love”. I’ve thought of crocheting her a vest or toy but seeing her love of chewing things apart, decided against it.

The other day, I rose from bed at around two in the morning just to check on her and give her more water. H claims he has serious doubts if I’d do the same for him, haha.

Just to be clear, I wasn’t the only one going gaga over Peanut. H spent hours at night surfing the web, reading all about golden retrievers. While the kids watched Harry Potter (for the nth time), I worked on my granny squares and H would be at his laptop, and would excitedly make remarks – like how swimming ran in her genes, that’s why she was so fond of putting her front paws in her drinking bowl and would proceed to make digging/swimming strokes in the water. This  splashes the supposed drinking water all over, much to the kids’ (shrieking) delight. Foot spa, they’d call it.

And how golden retrievers are “mischievous thieves”, that they need to have “digging” sites, and how these dogs are NOT compatible with beautiful garden landscapes (that last one, H said with a bit of a frown).


Yesterday was pretty exciting – for the first time, we were able to walk her on a leash. We’ve been walking her around the block but were not able to go farther because the collar we had was too big and she had an alarming tendency to run after village guards who roamed around on their motorbikes. After the holidays, Hubby got her a new collar. And after a brief period of tugging, wooing, and near-frustration (on H’s part), Peanut finally learned to enjoy the walk.

The whole family brought her to the village playground and park where she sniffed, and roamed, and rolled on the grass to her heart’s content. H was surprised at how “relaxing” it felt to walk around with the dog on a leash.

Ah, the joy of living with dogs. Despite the shots, our whole family is truly blessed to be Peanut’s “humans”.



  1. Peanut looks so cute, I can see how you’d be in love with her.

    • Thank you. We love her to bits; I sometimes wish she’d stay this small =)

  2. What a sweetie! Don’t be embarrassed by your delight in your pup. It is what they do to their people especially when they are as cute as Peanut!

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