Posted by: geekycrochetmom | April 16, 2012

Sweltering Summer Days

The excitement of our new puppy has worn off simmered down and our household has gone back to happy, normalcy. Daily walks with Peanut have quickly become part of our routine. (Hubby enjoys this task immensely; I find it refreshes him especially after his terribly busy week at work). I like boring. I flourish in quiet, predictable routines.

The other day, my car airconditioner stopped working. Nothing but warm, odd-smelling air blasted onto my face. Having left the car at high noon on an open parking area for lunch, I had no choice but to drive back to work in my “oven”. I arrived in my clinic sweating like mad. (Later on, I found out the temperature was 35.9 degrees Celsius, just 1.5 short of normal body temperature!

The following day was kind of busy with no time for a trip to the repair shop, so I endured the long queue at the SLEX tollgate, fanning myself. It took all my restraint to keep myself from cursing and whining out loud. Today of all days! Not in the heat of summer in this tropical, near-the-equator country of ours!

And then, I remembered – for years, when we were still living in the city, I took jeepneys and FX (small SUVs, usually packed to the brim with unsatisfactory cooling units) to travel from home to work/hospital training. I now realize I am truly grateful for my 6-year-old car. When things go astray, it’s good to pause and count our blessings.

Let me just leave you with this picture of the kids with my aunt, taking a break from the oppressive heat.


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