Posted by: geekycrochetmom | April 24, 2012

Crochet Update

Whatever happened to this blog? No hooky stuff for quite awhile & I dare call it a crochet blog?!

Anyway, I am now on on my 100th square on my Granny Square Blankie and am currently attaching my 10th row.



So slow, and the future owner continues to urge me to add more rows. Hmm. I’d probably have to stop at the 12th. Or 14th.

Got this from the National Bookstore today.


I haven’t tried filet crochet but I am intrigued. It looks like a cross between crochet and my previous favorite pastime, cross-stitching.


There are lots of designs to choose from; I’d like to try these.


By the way, I am extremely pleased to discover that my long-time friend, my most favorite, coolest buddy, is now also HOOKED! (Yes, so cool. Always happy, never rattled nor grumpy. Wish I had her demeanor). So exciting. Wish we lived closer to each other. (Hi, S! Welcome to the club!). I hope to meet up with her at our upcoming (physicians’) convention. So many things to catch up on, plus a craft store to invade.



  1. Nice! whenever I see granny blankets like this, I want to start up another one. But I really should try and finish most of my WIPs first, before I start something like this. Filet crochet is also good to do; may also take a while to finish, but it’s worth it. Have fun!

    • While working on this huge project, I am quite tempted to start on a smaller project… you know just to have that sense of “accomplishment”. I try to resist; my WIPs are piling up, too!

  2. I have never heard of filet crochet so must look it up some time (as I too also would indulge in a bit of cross stitch)

    • Will keep you posted once I find the time to try filet crochet. Thanks.

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