Posted by: geekycrochetmom | May 7, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

My dearest Mommy turned 62 last week. It was the perfect excuse for the family to get together (she, my sister, and I live in different cities). We decided to meet up at SM Mall of Asia. The kids were excited! It was their favorite hang-out back in those days when we lived in Manila and knew no other way to spend our free time than to go malling :p

I told the girls they needed to complete their math Kumon worksheets in 20 minutes or else they’ll have to stay behind. (Cruel? Not really. They were required to finish the 240-item worksheets in 10 minutes but I knew it was too hard for them at this stage.

Anyway, I’ve never seen the Little Girl work so hard and focused on her worksheets.

So, off to the mall.

Hung out with little cousin, Y.

Horsed around while the grown-ups were looking at grown-up stuff.

Bought and shared yummy gourmet popcorn.

Compared suitcases (while the kids were horsing around).

Watched ice-skaters.

Doodled, and colored at the restaurant while waiting for our food.

Unfortunately, I forget to take pictures when they mattered most – like when the food finally came (too eager to eat to take pictures), or when the waiters/waitresses gathered around Mom with a hearty birthday song and a surprise cup of ice cream with a tiny candle on top (I was too happy and excited for Mom). Good thing my sister remembered to take pictures of these (mental note: ask for copies!).

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Mom. The girls took a long while, running back to Lola (grandmother) to for their goodbye hugs (again, forgot to take pictures while they were hugging as I found the scene touching and was too busy holding back tears).

After all the malling and non-stop eating, turns out we did not buy anything for ourselves. We did make one final stop at the pet store…

… and bought treats for Peanut – a new leash, some colorful bony treats, and fur so fresh shampoo for stinky dogs… hahaha (that’s what the bottle says!) but it cost so much more than our whole family’s shampoos combined!).

A happy weekend!



  1. Fun day!

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