Posted by: geekycrochetmom | May 28, 2012

No Knitting (for now)

More than two weeks ago, I attended a physicians’ convention in Manila. Aside from the chance to meet up with a friend (more on this later), I was excited because there was a nearby craft store. Bought myself this:

Yes, a pair of knitting needles! Also got these from a Booksale:

It was pretty exciting… couldn’t wait for the chance to try to “cast on” and knit.

Turns out it’s much more difficult than it looked. Very helpful tutorials abound in youtube and crafty blogs but it was just so… (cue in whiny voice) haaaaaard. My hands were getting painful cramps. My sample cast on was so pitiful I didn’t even bother to take pictures for this blog (in hindsight, it was so laughable I SHOULD have taken pictures). After several attempts, I said a sad goodbye to my needles and tucked them away. Maybe next time.

On a happier note, I had the chance to catch up with my good old friend, S. She was a college roommate, who is also a physician/mom/crochet enthusiast. It was a happy time, just catching up, squeezing in several years’ worth of updates in less than an hour (yes, the Big Boy and I had to catch a science museum/planetarium show ’cause we got the tickets before I knew I had the chance to meet up with S). Anyway, we were too busy catching up I forgot to take pictures! And look what I got from her as a gift:

I cannot wait to get my hands on some fiberfill! The kids have been clamoring for amigurumi.

Finally, I also got these at the Booksale. Because of my lack of cable TV (hubby’s decision – good for the kids (he says), not-so-good for the mom, boohoo), I have been out of the loop as far as my most favorite show on earth is concerned – BONES (season 7! They have a baby! And I have no idea what Bones and Booth are up to right now, waah)!

So, these are probably the next best thing:

I intend to find time for these paperbacks some time…
… after I have finished making the exams for our medical residents/trainees (tough), and
… after I finish crocheting the Little Girl’s Granny Square Blankie, and
… after I have helped the kids with the kumon, particularly the Big Boy and his multiplication table, and
… after I have decluttered my desk, and
… after I have cleaned the old schoolbags and washed the kids’ new undergarments and uniforms in time for school opening.

Sigh. The concerns of a working mom.
I hope we all find the time to do what we love. =)



  1. Keep trying with the knitting needles! It took me so many tries to get it right, but now that I’ve got it I love it! I hate to say it but practicing really does make a difference with knitting. Once you get the hang of casting on, try making little sample squares, then line them up so you can see your progress! You can do it!

  2. Thanks, Hannah! I would keep your words of encouragement in my mind/heart. My hands became so stiff & painful, I just had to stop for fear that I might not be able to crochet again (horrors!). When I get it, I’d be posting pics =) – karen

  3. We don’t have cable either… so I watch Bones on Don’t know if you have access to it there? It’s t.v. on the internet! If you get there soon (episode one of Season Seven expires in two days) you can watch the first five episodes of the season for free.

    • Your comment about Bones made me sit up from my “sickbed”, literally. =) Will check it out… hopefully I can access the 1st episode before it expires! Thanks!

    • Available only in the U.S. for now (sigh). It’s okay, I guess I’ll just have to entertain myself with TED. And crochet blogs. And ravelry. And the gazillion other fun things to do on the web =p

      • re: TED — Have you see the one about crochet/coral reefs/hyperbolic geometry? COOL!! (Sorry, don’t know how to create a link in a comment.)

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