Posted by: geekycrochetmom | June 6, 2012

Package of happiness

It’s been a crazy week (make that fortnight) and am caught in the midst of last-minute, pre-school.frenzy. The girls have had their first day of school, actually – Little Girl yesterday, Big Girl today.


I also.did some long overdue decluttering. Here’s my desk which has not been in much use for weeks (you can see why):

Here’s the “after”, pic:


My desk must have breathed a sigh of relief… I’ve almost forgotten it’s my favorite spot.

This corner of our room has been needing much love:

Eeew. Quite embarrassing. It still has my convention stuff from a month ago. I’ve been procrastinating until on Monday I  just woke up and told myself – it’s now or never. After…


Much better. I think I might have used my decluttering to buy me some time away from much-needed tasks like last minute school needs-shopping. Ah. When will I ever learn?


Those up there are piles of school stuff being sorted; the decent ones being set aside for reuse.

Anyway, school opening = (much) earlier (read: crazier) mornings. The young lady who used to help me care for the kids has left, leaving me to attend to the three little people. The day leaves me almost dead-tired but also, truth be told, much happier. Nothing beats being a hands-on mom. The kids seem to love having their mother hen clucking all around them. If only I could do this full time! (Still have work).

So, obviously, these busy days of bathing, cleaning, scrubbing (old-but-still-okay schoolbags for reuse), mending uniforms, packing snacks have left me with no time for crafty things =(

So I was so THRILLED when this came in the mail yesterday:


A package filled with happy things from my dear friend, S! Fiberfill, Japanese crochet book, a boredom-buster kit for the kids, a crocheted apple charm (love it!), & a very thoughtful note. I'm so grateful for her thoughtfulness as I know she has her hands full, too.

Happy surprise, indeed! The crocheted charm which now hangs on my bag still comforts me during my long and busy day.


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