Posted by: geekycrochetmom | June 8, 2012

Pains and Joys of Decluttering

Last time, I showed you how I’ve decluttered my desk. Clearing the surface was actually the easy part. Filing the stack of papers was most certainly painful.


This is the bed strewn with papers (collected as I decluttered my desk). I get too tired/too lazy or most of the time I’m in such a hurry I couldn’t be bothered to file my stuff. But it has become bothersome & hard to find important things. I also knew I had to “shape up” and prepare before the onslaught of papers/homework/school memos come pouring on. So slowly, I trudged & filed & discarded.

: I kept bills & important receipts
: Filed favorite mags & books (mostly unread or partially read)
: Salvaged envelopes for reuse
: Kept freebie notepads
: Gathered checks and tax returns (the latter for dumping to my accountant) – for this, I found this “friend” very helpful


: There was treasure buried underneath the stuff, like these –






There were a lot of notes & sketches; some heartwarming, others cute & hilarious. I saved them on Evernote. A few special ones I filed, too.

It was big help to have a trash bag right beside me. And the radio tuned in to my favorite station.

I’d have to sort & fix things by zones.
Next up:
Toiletries under lavatory
Shoe cabinet (sort outgrown shoes for charity)
Books to-read (gasp! I should be staying half a km away fro booksales!)
Kids’ closets – outgrown clothes

In the meantime, need to search the bookstore for a proper filing system, one that does not occupy much space.


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