Posted by: geekycrochetmom | June 13, 2012

I’ve been pinned!

I could not believe it. I’ve been pinned! With 3 repins! And now I’m using so many exclamation marks!!!

I have deleted my pinterest account  months ago; articles abound about copyright and stuff that I got less comfortable using it. I thought some people might not bother to click & search far enough to find the original source. But this is just my opinion; you go ahead and pin away =) Nevertheless, finding oneself pinned has turned out to be such a happy thrill!

Now, I still find joy in finding inspiring projects, home ideas, etc. I just save the image AND the link to the source (very important!) and file them away in my Evernote. I have them under things like, “craft rooms to die for” and “attic ideas” or “more cushion ideas”. Still so much fun.

Ah, little things. Amazing how in this big world of ours we can inspire each other – across long distances – and somehow make each other happy.


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