Posted by: geekycrochetmom | June 14, 2012

Additions To My Addiction

Boy oh boy! I almost couldn’t contain myself at the bookstore. New Japanese crochet books have arrived! Aaaaahhh! I was calm on the outside but jumping with excitement on the inside.

I swear my heart must have skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this heap of happiness waiting to be sorted. Aaaaah!


My alter ego tells me ‘that is so wrong’ then I text my friend/crochet buddy and she reassures me  – this is normal! Hahaha.

I tried not to be too obvious as I took some pics. Look at these!



I have three more and will post those pics soon. These granny square bags seemed to jump out of the pages…



There’s my loot as I waited for my turn at the counter. As my 8-year-old son is wont to say, “It’s the best day ever!!!” Woo-hoo!



  1. LOL! Yes, I have the same reaction. They are so addicting! Just curious – are they cheaper or cost more than other crochet books?

  2. Hi there! Cheaper, I guess. Only 85 pesos each at National Bookstore (about US$ 2?). So hard to find crochet books and magazines at Booksales – they have mostly quilting and knitting reads.

    • hmmm.. okay, thanks. Here is the same thing … more of knitting and quilting magazines, one or two only of crochet. The Japanese crochet books cost more than the other books. Maybe I can stock up on the Japanese crochet books when I go home …

  3. Its like being a kid in a candy store when you come across that!!! When I am around crochet books, hooks or cool yarns…I am lost for hours !

    • Yes! I’m too ashamed to admit how much time I spend on crochet-related things (blogs, books, mags) and on Ravelry.

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