Posted by: geekycrochetmom | June 27, 2012

Nearly there!


It’s beginning to look like a real blanket. Yipee! I’m so excited to finish this for the Little Girl. And am equally excited to, after several months, finally be able to start thinking about the next project…

…Should I start on the Boy’s blanket right away? Or indulge in a slightly smaller project like a cushion/pillow cover. Have to pick out a nice motif… ahh, where do I start?

Any suggestions for the border? I’m thinking red shell border. Something simple to, offset the too many almost too colorful squares. Soooo many *important* decisions to be made ;p



  1. I love your blanket…my little girl would go crazy for it 🙂

    • Thank you! She is quite excited =) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I would think a simple border would be best because, as you said, all of the colors. It looks great !!! Perhaps you might want to slowly work on a boys blanket (few squares at a time) and mix another project in there to break it up?

  3. Hi there, you are so talented, the blanket looks lovely. I wish I knew how to crochet, it’s the one thing I don’t even know where to begin: what size hook, yarn, stitches … everything! What you recommend the best place to start is? A course or a book? Thanks, Cath

    • Hi, Cath! Thanks for the kind words. I learned to crochet in November of 2010 (so I am a sort of beginner still) via… youtube! Yes, there are dozens of tutorials out there. I especially like those uploaded by teresa (crochetgeek) or mikeysmail – simple and easy to follow.

      I’m afraid I cannot offer advice on yarns and hooks as (1) the yarn choices here in my locale are limited to cotton thread 8 and 100% acrylic yarns, and (2) hook sizes vary depending on the brand and where you get them. Acrylic yarn would be a great choice for practice; you can ask the yarn store staff. It’s good to start with light-colored yarn to make it easier on the eyes. Don’t worry if your tension becomes wonky at first; things will get better with practice. Happy hooking!

      • That’s wonderful, thanks ever so much for the quick introduction, it always helps to know the basics required to start with so you don’t buy things unnecessarily. Will look out for the online tutorials and see if I can follow them!…. Cath

  4. That is gorgeous!!!!

    • Thank you! It’s taking me a long time to finish it; things have been quite hectic around here since school started. Your kind words are encouraging… will post pics as soon as I finish the blanket =)

      • Awesome! I would love to see the completed project!

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