Posted by: geekycrochetmom | July 5, 2012

Happily Ill


Called in sick today. I have a temperature, my eyes feel teary and warm, and my nose is stuffy. (Plus my tinnitus has been acting up… now louder than ever. Sad face here).

So now half my body is tucked under this Ilocos blanket while allowing acrylic yarn and hooky to cheer me up.

I have to say it’s working. I feel oddly comforted. And happy.

Excuse me. Will go on with my resting and crocheting and watching videos on TED.



  1. Hopre youre feeling better now. My prescription for you is bed rest, increase on your intake of crochet blog reads, crochet q6 h. Plus instagram searches on #crochet,#yarns,#showmeyourstash prn.thats it!

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