Posted by: geekycrochetmom | July 10, 2012

Latte Granny Square Cushion

My Sunburst Granny Square Cushion has a new friend!


I’ve called it Latte Granny Square Cushion ’cause the different shades of brown & beige reminded me of my favorite drink (when I am able to give myself a treat; default is still instant 3-in-1 coffee).


This is, I think, my first acrylic project and I was pleasantly surprised at how it worked up quite fast. A much welcome diversion from my super slow granny blankie (I’m working on the border now).

I didn’t realize how so much easier it is on the hands & wrists & eyes working on acrylic compared to my usual double strand cotton thread. If only the kids would agree to having an acrylic afghan. They find it “too hairy” =)


I want to do another one! Maybe, something brighter, more colorful for that “pop” in our living room?

Have a great day all you crochet/yarn addicts! You, and this “community” of ours, make me so happy!


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