Posted by: geekycrochetmom | July 19, 2012


Goodness. I’ve been such a lazy head. It was easier to post on instagram than here when one’s always in a rush. The lack of posts, I must say, do not reflect a lack of activity on the homefront.

We celebrated the Little Girl’s 6th birthday.


We had a simple meal at Shakey’s sans hubby (He was on a work-related trip. Sad.). The LG got such a kick out of seeing her birthday greeting at the restaurant.




And was very appreciative of her simple musical box.



Other random shots: Big Girl & the Boy waiting for school service.


Watching popcorn “popping”.


And we had a sunset rainbow yesterday. So grateful to have these awesome miracles quietly happening in our “backyard”.



Craft-wise, I’m too shy to say I am STILL struggling with my Granny Square Blankie border. It’s quite hard on the wrists (excuses…).

I attempted to make a solid granny square cushion cover but ended up being frustrated as our local acrylic yarn varied in thickness… even after I’ve switched hooks, they ended up being in different sizes. What to do with my acrylic then?


I did have some exciting development – the crochet hooks & markers I’ve ordered from a new-found friend on ravelry (she’s de-stashing) have arrived.


Happy, happy. May I order some free time for more crochet as well?



  1. Yup, the little girl indeed is the bubbly (“bungisngis” hehe) one, and the ” mahinhin” one is the big girl! : )

    • Yes, sakto! Funny how kids borne of same set of parents, raised in the same household, fed the same milk/food turn out to be very different personalities. Unique talaga.

  2. Hello!!! Happy Birthday little girl !!! She’s do happy, bless her

    • Thanks so much, Danielle! Love your lace tablecloth… I know that one took a lot of time, patience, & talent!

      • yep, but fun I like long projects 🙂

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