Posted by: geekycrochetmom | August 3, 2012

It’s that time of the year…

…when traditional Filipiniana wear are dusted off for the yearly school celebration of Linggo ng Wika (when we celebrate the Filipino language, our native tongue).



Crochet-wise, I am still working on these pesky tails. I learned how to secure them in as I went only halfway through the blankie so now I go back to the other half & fix them so they don’t unravel.


We had some time to declutter last weekend. Threw out stuff from the attic. Sorted out toys for charity.Fixed the girls’ heap of stuff. Organized the Sylvanian home – look how cozy they look under their crochet blankets.


Here they are with their friendly lego neighbors.


In the process of decluttering, we stumbled upon a lot of school supplies – pencils, sharpeners, rulers, eraseeeers! I may not have to buy these for the next few years.  (These pics were before I sorted them out; I am too embarrassed to show the amount of supplies we have amassed. No wonder the kids seem to lose a couple of pencils each every week. I am determined to make them learn to take better care of their things. Now, how? Hmm.)



I sharpened some, sorted some, & threw out the broken ones. It kind of worries me how much I enjoyed the task. At a young age, I’ve discovered how FUN it was to sort, classify, arrange in order… I knew I should have taken up library science. Or taxonomy.

For now, with just a little more than an hour to spare, I have brought my Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket out of hibernation, with time to add just one row (while watching Criminal Minds).


At the rate I’m going, the blanket would probably be ready in time for our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Time to get ready for work!


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