Posted by: geekycrochetmom | August 15, 2012

New WIP + Next Projects


Working on a Giant Granny Square Blanket for my son. His sister thinks I should be adding brighter colors. So the plan is to intersperse “boy colors” with bright, cheery ones.

So many WIPs on queue…
… amigurumi for the girls,
granny stripe boutique bag, again, for the girls (I just have no idea how to line it),
… a jar cozy to make this hook receptacle prettier to look at


… continue working on my Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket,
… work on a little something for a friend,
… coasters for my sister,
… a shawl for my mom (I think I need a softer, nicer yarn for that one),
… desperately wanted a Ripple Blanket, too but my cotton thread (used double strand) turns out rows that are too thin. Frogged. Acrylic?

Aaaah. So many plans. So litle time. Add to the busy-ness of every day the fact that I need to give my fingers & wrist some rest once in a while as they are also essential to my work (the amount of stuff I write – patient’s notes/prescriptions, etc is no joke & I end up with tendinitis sometimes). I don’t know how other crocheters do it! They’re so prolific!

Now I have about an hour to spare then off to work! Enjoy your day!



  1. I hope you get around to at least some of your plans. I’m always making lists of things I would like to achieve but the everyday jobs always seem to take away my time. Oh family life! Cath

    • Everyday jobs… so true. I guess it’s what makes crochet all the more special for me. It’s my escape/therapy/me-time. Hope we find time to enjoy doing what we love. Thanks, Cath!

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