Posted by: geekycrochetmom | August 23, 2012

Book Stack


Those are the books that have been on my sidetable for the past few days (some weeks!). I read a bit from one or two… depending on my mood/need. I guess I’m polygamous when it comes to books, haha.

I guess it’s similar to the way hookers engage in several WIPs. Ah yes, I try to squeeze a bit of reading or crocheting into my free time say, lunch or while waiting, etc. These allow me to enjoy a little “me-time”.

My seemingly frivolous interests (including Instagram, Ravelry, crochet blogs, and crime shows – Bones, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, etc) provide much needed respite from my otherwise stressful life. I guess you can say they bring some excitement to my every day. Yes, I must be living quite a dull life… I hear you! Haha.

Bear with me. I deal with care for three young children every single day. My work, though very gratifying, can be quite stressful, too. It entails making calls (decisions, both big and small), speaking with very worried and equally-drained families, and receiving calls/updates at ungodly hours… with no guarantee of positive outcome (let’s just say I deal mostly with patients with chronic &/or life-threatening illnesses).

The point is – I need an escape. An outlet of some sort. And these interests of mine help keep me sane. On top of a very supportive hubby. And a God who is faithful despite my shortcomings.

Praise God for little joys!

The plan is to add to this list some form of exercise, maybe go back to walking/jogging. Definitely a healthier form of stress-buster.


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