Posted by: geekycrochetmom | September 20, 2012

These made me happy…

I’m in a whiney mood today. But instead of telling you how tired I feel all the time (guess I just did, sorry), allow me to mention some of the countless blessings received today…

… hubby’s safe trip back from a 4-day business trip. Now he’s pooped and sleeping like a baby; I don’t mind as long as he’s here =)

… walking Peanut. Since hubby was away, I became the substitute dog walker by default. Our new help is too terrified to walk the dog. Who can blame her? She came a week ago & found this “strange”, huge golden retriever clamoring for her love & attention.
Anyway, this task, though not easy, has been a blessing. It wasn’t easy because she tends to be overly excited sometimes (as golden retrievers are wont to). She picks up a scent and then makes a dash for it without warning. Feels like my shoulder joint will be yanked out of its socket!
But it’s a joy, too. The way she sniffs every nook & cranny. How she dives right into our small flowery bush (she’s a girl after all!). How she jumps up & wags her tail whenever she sees me (my car) approaching. Now, anyone can appreciate that kind of warm, welcoming devotion.
Best of all, I like how she just sits quietly at times as I talk to her about how rough my day was. Most of the time, no words are needed. I stroke her golden brown fur, she sits quietly, looks at me and… it feels like all is well in the world. So calming & comforting.

… our son has qualified for the Math Training Guild! He took the exam more than a month ago upon his Dad’s encouragement – his support is gentle but tenacious and I am so thankful for it. (I find myself feeling guilty for not having believed in our son more; on the day of the exam, I wanted him to stay home because there was a bit of rain & didn’t think it was worth the trouble. Bad. Lesson learned).

… Sting, my all-time favorite musician, is coming to Manila in December for his Back to Bass Tour. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I’ve been waiting for him all my life (so to speak). The first time he came 18 years ago, I saved up for the ticket but had no one to go with (really sad). Now my sister and I are raring to go! Ticket sales start tomorrow!

Ah, how can one feel down when one is filled with gratitude?

Let me leave you with this image of Peanut putting her sad face on as hubby was leaving for work.


Isn’t she adorable?


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