Posted by: geekycrochetmom | October 2, 2012

Own it!

Most days make me feel like my time is someone else’s. Kids. Clinic. Patient rounds. Behind the wheel. Homework. Chores. Getting ready for the following day. And on and on it goes.

At the end of a long day, like to day for instance, I ask myself – where did the day go? (Where’d the weekend go?).

So no matter how tired my eyes feel and how tempting it is to just lay on the bed and drift off to la-la land… here I sit – giant granny square on lap, hook in hand. Some precious me-time.


Sometimes, you just have to, HAVE TO, grab a chunk of your time. And own it.



  1. I agree100%. Knitting is a creative act for me and also very relaxing. I also like that I can still engage in conversation with my husband and kids. We all deserve some me time.

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