Posted by: geekycrochetmom | November 28, 2012

More Christmas Baubles


I am currently working on a few more Christmas baubles for our tree. Pattern is from Lucy of Attic24.

Made a few last year but became too busy I ended up with too few. They were also too little because I used cotton thread 8. We lined them up along our piano mantel instead… and I was quite pleased. =) (hope to find my pics so I can show you).

This time, I used acrylic yarn so the baubles are a bit bigger than the old ones. (Most of the new batch are still waiting to be crocheted together and stuffed).



How I wish I could just stay home and make these all day long! Work (and real life) beckons. =)



  1. Look at how many pretty baubles you’ve made! They make me want to get out my box of little yarn scraps and play along with you. 🙂

    • Hi, Linda! Most of these were from last year. I’m hoping I could make some more. There’s still time, right? (Hah!) Can’t wait to see you do your color-combination-prowess on your own baubles! =)

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