Posted by: geekycrochetmom | December 13, 2012



Christmas is around the corner. Kids’ clothes and shoes for class parties have been bought yesterday (insert big sigh of relief).

I have barely started with my gift shopping, though. The tree and other ornaments are anxiously waiting to be brought down from the attic. The Christmas baubles are sorely neglected… I should have known my one-bauble-a-day goal was naive and unrealistic! (We do have a pair of potted poinsettias out near the front door; they count, right?).

The past couple of days were crazy as I found myself constantly making mental lists – while driving to work, as I spoke to patients, while waiting for Holy Mass to start… even as I sleep I find myself waking up to thoughts & gift ideas. Madness!

Finally, I said to myself – go grab one of your notebooks (FYI, I am a notebook-hoarder). Yes go ahead, choose one of the nicer ones. So the red, spiral, relatively compact one was picked and has been destined to be my worry/brain/idea/list dump.

It’s incredible how much lighter I already feel just by listing tasks & shopping lists & gift ideas down. It’s as if half the work is already done (okay, maybe a third).

Paper does it. I knew it. Somehow, my smartphone – with all its fancy shmancy features – does not give the same amount of comfort. My electronic reminder has saved my neck from A HUGE AMOUNT of potential embarrassments. But even with the app’s bells and whistles, nothing beats paper and pen.

Hubby suggests the use of Excel for my lists and stuff. Even the great Yarn Harlot uses Christmas spreadsheets! But that would be too tedious and isn’t portable enough for me. (Maybe next year I can “level up”?).

Good night now. Time to rest my weary brain. My red notebook and pen lay safely within reach for ’emergency’ note-taking. In case things become a bit too crazy around here, let me greet you a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Enjoy the Holidays!


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