Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 5, 2013

Of chores, a Brand New Year, & Circle in a Square


A considerable amount of effort went into laying these out. Had to make sure no like colored squares lay next to each other. Serious stuff! Hahaha.

Spent a small chunk of time on most days joining them together.


It dawned on me that: (1) it was quite small to be considered a proper throw – I had visions of a colorful accent on our old, frumpy couch & have to admit it’s not living up to it, & (2) I realy, really should try doing the ‘flat braid join’ next time as it’s a bit wrinkly on some of the joins.

Guess one can’t be too lazy to block & have perfectly square granny squares at the same time ;p

2013 brings a most welcome fresh start & I have been trying to convince myself to commit to 2 resolutions. First, to not buy new yarn or thread until most of my stash has been used up. Second, to not start any new project without finishing a WIP. Hmmm.

On the homefront, the lady who helps us with housework has come back after a week-long vacation. Just in time as the kids & I will be back to school/work on Monday. Hooray! (that’s for her return, not for Monday). It was fun bonding as a family, doing chores – laundry, SOME cleaning (only so that our home looks decent enough so as not to cause anxiety), attempts at cooking… all made easier by lack of schedule (ie, lazy & carefree days) & buckets of lotion, haha. The past week helped me to have renewed respect for SAHMs (and SAHDs). Who says they just ‘stay home’? Man, there was almost no free time! It’s a really tough job & I salute & send kisses to Mommy, the best SAHM in the world… thanks, Ma. (By the way, Ma, SAHM = stay-at-home-mom).

So the dust (more like confetti) is settling. We are oiling our gears & gathering momentum for the coming week AND making the most of this weekend. Happy new year!May this year bring more peace, good health, quality time, love, joy, & holiness into our lives. Let’s keep loving what we do & doing what we love.



  1. Lol about finishing WIPS I have the same problem 🙂

  2. Love the colors and design 🙂

  3. Such beautiful colours – really yummy (if that is a word that can be applied to crochet!)

    • Your kind words made me smile. Thanks! =)

  4. thanks my dear mwaaah:)

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