Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 6, 2013

Happy Experimenting

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of a decent, dreamless, relaxing nap. So this evening, as the rest of the household was zzzz-ing away, I was wide awake & itching for some “experiment”.


I brought out my beloved ‘Beyond the Square’ (a treasured gift from a friend) & tried my hand at one of the squares:


It was fun. And not as easy as it looked. As I tried it (the other rounds I made have been frogged before I took the picture), I realized that:
(1) Edie Eckman is a real genius!, (all the ideas & trial-and-error, & color planning & pattern-writing, AND the geometry involved… Wow!) and
(2) there I have so much more to learn about crochet.

The fact that I spend more time trawling blogs, & Instagram, & Pinterest, & books/mags than doing actual crocheting may explain a lot.

Remember my resolutions in the previous post? If I really am serious about it, then I should do something about the stash under my bed (Note: this is only part of my stash).


All of these are so-called “Pasig yarns”, relatively affordable thread bought by the kilo from Pasig. (I blogged about my stash HERE and HERE ). They were a bit dusty & the color choices were limited. Some I found to be too thin (about the thickness of sewing thread wound 3-ply). Plus, the thickness of the thread varied from one “ball” to another so I was not so fond of using them…


Anyway, (enough excuses), I suddenly remembered the thoughtful suggestion of one blog reader: if yarn/thread is too thin, one can have 3x thicker yarn “instant”-ly using this technique called NAVAJO plying .

I have to say, it’s very promising! Quite exciting, in fact, that I had to fight the urge to start yet another project.

Have you tried the Navajo technique? Any technique that would help me put a dent on this stash is much-appreciated.

Happy three kings/epiphany to all! May we learn to open our eyes & hearts to the wondrous revelations of God in our midst every single day.



  1. I have this book and it is amazing!

    • Isn’t it? Eckman is such a genius… I am hoping to have more time to play around with motifs this year. By the way, I loved your Cath Kidston gym bag! Wish I had a sewing machine (& knew how to use one). Thanks.

  2. Will definitely try the Navajo plying! xS

    • Maybe it can help us use up our stash 3x faster – esp your lifetime supply of gray yarn, hahaha!

  3. Hello!!! I love your blog and i think the yarns are just my type :-)….I have nominated you for a fun award plz see, congrats!!!!

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