Posted by: geekycrochetmom | January 11, 2013

Stress & Lists

Oh man. I cannot help feeling weighed down by tasks & responsibilities. Worry wart!

I’ve recently been handed a couple of huge tasks at work. Already I can feel my “hyperacidity” acting up. Feeling so inadequate & intimidated. Funny how I “catch” myself saying words of encouragement to myself (yes, I’m trying out healthy self-talk for a change) . Such a dork. =)

As soon as I got home, I fixed myself my comfort food – liverspread & quickmelt cheese sandwich (the kids & hubby are at Kumon).


Turned on the radio to music from my “era” (80’s & 90’s music from Friday Magic Madness). Then sat down & thought hard & prayed & made lists. To-do’s. Lists of lists.


I felt a little better after listing down my to-do’s for the coming week (with some bits of crafting time squeezed into the schedule). Suddenly, it seems doable. Now I pray for the discipline to actually carry them out.

By the way, today is my 2nd coffee-less day… am so proud! I have been having headaches all week; that’s when I realized I should be cutting down. (I did make myself tea for my list-writing… ).

While I dilly-dallyed, I also made a list of my lists (totally unrelated)… of my notebooks. I have notebooks for specific purposes. Do you know I have at least 11 notebooks existing today? Yes, currently in use for all sorts of things! Such a nerd. It’s so nerdy it deserves a blog post of its own, ha!

Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. I love notebooks, somehow everything seems lovely with a brand new notebook. However when i buy them i can never find any notes worthy enough to go into these books which is why alot of them are unwritten in 🙂

    • I’m a notebook addict, too! There’s a bunch of unused notebooks on my shelf waiting to be put into good use. It’s both funny and comforting how we find happiness in these little things! I hope to find time to show you some of my notebooks soon. Happy weekend!

  2. […] was a profession-related assignment placed on my shoulders 6 months ago. After weeks and weeks of lists and worries and planning and sleepless nights… it was a […]

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