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Notebooks Galore

I cannot remember exactly when my love affair with notebooks began. My earliest memory was of being giddy about my small, brown, spiral Golden Gate pocket notebook when I was maybe 5. My memory of holding it is still quite vivid though I cannot remember what I had written in it.


So, it occurred to me – it’d be kind of fun if I gathered all my notebooks & see how much of an addict I really am. I brought them — the ones that are currently being used — all out. From the nooks & drawers of my desk alone, I found eight!


So here I had rounded them all up. The accumulation was not deliberate. Like almost all collections, I simply bought one by one… notebooks that I fancy & are not too expensive. I find all sorts of uses for them — excuses to keep them, to justify the hoarding purchase. Then hubby took notice & gifted me once in a while.

Starting from the periwinkle blue on the upper right hand, going clockwise:

1) Periwinkle – this is my one-sentence journal inspired by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. It’s fun especially when you come to a date & find out what you were up to exactly a year ago.

2)Smaller, lighter blue – it’s where I record short anecdotes, funny things my kids have said (kids say the funniest things!). The kids grow up right before eyes & I’d hate to forget all the amusing & hilarious things that have come out of the mouths of these babes. Wouldn’t it be fun to reread this when they’re much older?

3) Small, green – my prayer request list, tucked in my desk drawer for easy access. Sick loved ones & friends, special concerns from close family members… I will have to update this soon.

4) Orange, small – our family’s health record. I had an electronic version but found the hard copy quicker to access & bringing it to the hospital/doctor is simpler. Vaccines, lab results, weights, etc.

5) Black notebook – I started this one as a gratitude journal. It helped me through some rough times.

6) Red 2013 planner – holds my patients’ follow up/check up schedules. I like to be able to block specific days in advance, sparing my patients futile trips to the hospital.

7) Small yellow & white spiral – my auto record, a sort of “baby book” for my car. It stays in my glove compartment & holds records of oil change, tire replacement, aircon repair. Very important especially since I drive a 6-year-old, albeit, well-maintained sedan.

8) Red, small spiral – this is my absolute favorite, a constant companion. My brain dump, literally. It holds bits of information, to-do lists, ideas from lightbulb moments, must-reads, errands, etc. Amazing how helpful it is, the simple act of placing on paper the things that nag or bother me.

9) Small orange/black (with cartoon) – I bring this to teachings & recollections. Scribbles from homilies that I’ve found very helpful. For notes that are vital to my spiritual growth.

10) Journal, light brown – for my notes on books that I’ve read. Not all… mostly for those that struck a chord. A significant amount of writings here were lifted from the book Death by Suburb by David Goetz

11) Red big planner – my daily reflection/prayer book. This year, hubby & I vowed to be more faithful to our daily prayer & scripture time. (We do it separately, for now). In here I write personal reflections, small “epiphanies” during prayer, Bible passages that seem to have come at the time I needed them most.

12) Lastly, orange spiral – I used this for my notes & reflections as I read Max Lucado’s Cure for the Common Life. Very inspiring as always.

I always enjoy rereading them (except for the occasional cringe) whenever I have time.



These two below are the ones that keep me company every single day.


These three below are for specific projects or tasks. Huge reponsibilities that require months of work & preparation, therefore deserving of their own notebook. (All work-related). Note: The notebooks are give-aways from pharmaceuticals during conventions.


And these below are my “reserve” =)


I love looking at them on my shelf and have a few ideas brewing for their use. A notebook for gift ideas? For instance, I only learned last month how much my mom loves polvoron (a powdery, sweet treat/delicacy). I never knew! So maybe I can write them down as ideas for pasalubong (homecoming gifts). Even gift ideas for Christmas or upcoming birthdays so I wouldn’t have to tear my hair out with last-minute shopping! Or gift ideas for relatives who live abroad. Yup, I really should do that.

Or a notebook dedicated solely to crochet projects or WIPs. Though our Ravelry virtual noteooks do the job quite well.

If you’ve stayed with me down to this last paragraph, I thank you from the bottom my heart for your patience & tolerance. Three cheers for notebooks & notebook lovers! =)

How do you use your notebooks?

P.S. I do not own a single Moleskine. Nothing against it… I think they’re excellent products. I just couldn’t bear to buy notebooks that are that expensive. I’m afraid the cost will only leave me paralyzed, haha.



  1. As a fellow notebook lover, I am in aware of not just the notebooks you use but also the fact you have a reserve shelf of notebooks! I’ve now given myself permission to buy another notebook.

    • Yes, nothing like the smell & feel of a new notebook. The excitement of waiting for its pages to be filled! Have you seen the Japanese journals on Instagram? (they are usually tagged #hobonichi… I wonder, perhaps it’s a notebook brand?). Very pretty. Thanks, Jeannie. Good luck on your notebook hunt.

  2. I looove notebooks too! I enjoy having one for every craft I do. As they fill up I label them: Crochet 1, Crochet 2, with the dates and any particular topics. Sometimes I want the BIG pages of spiral bound notebooks, but I like the smaller composition books too and buy a few of both during the annual back-to-school sales. Being able to group them all together by size and subject makes my craft area just a little neater – believe me, it needs as much help as it can get with that! Creativity is messy at my house! 🙂

    • Oh, the things we love! I’m quite thrilled to find fellow notebook-lovers. The labeling & sorting & the “creative mess” make it all the more fun! Thanks for dropping by, Linda. – Karen

  3. I have a notebook to write down random thoughts, lists, ideas for projects but it is very difficult sometimes to find things in one book. I really like the idea of having a set of books for different uses. I have lots of drawing books with references for paintings but you have got me thinking that perhaps I need to extend my range of notebooks.

    • Hello! I know what you mean – it is kind of difficult sometimes to find things on my “brain dump” notebook. There are some articles that talk of tagging things on your notebook, like having an index at the back. But I find that too tedious… probably works for hardcore/GTD notebook users but not for me. =p I tried OneNote too on Microsoft but that one didn’t last long; nothing like flipping through actual pages, don’t you think? =) Thanks for dropping by. I love your Valentine doily, by the way – what a great find!

      • Thanks I shall look for some more as I think the work is so beautiful. I agree about the paper thing it is just not the same looking at notes on the computer. I like the feel of the book in my hands and making marks on the paper. I enjoy mapping out ideas. I am going to look for all the lost and forgotten note books in my studio. I have one on my desk that I found in a draw ( it is at least four years old), on the cover it reads,’ Turn Over A New Leaf’…….I think it is trying to tell me something!

      • =) Good luck & have fun!

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