Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 21, 2013

An FO, at last!


My Bright & Cheery Grannysquare Cushion is finally finished! There’s nothing like the thrill of a finished project, plus the encouraging words of appreciation of loved ones. You can see her “getting to know” the other cushions on the couch =D

Here’s the back side:


Because of this, I feel my fingers itching to start a new project. I actually ordered some new yarns a couple of weeks ago & it’s taking me all the strength I can muster to keep from starting yet another project (it helped that I have been keeping them in a box… out of sight).


Those up there are different kinds of yarns & the possibilities are endless!

I’ve also managed to add two rounds to my son’s Giant Granny Square blanket which has been in hibernation. Mindless crochet but a bit of a challenge too… as it grew bigger, it also took longer to complete each round. To keep from getting bored, I watched Criminal Minds. Look, a crochet sighting:


A beautiful crocheted afghan!



  1. I want to explore the world of granny squares but haven’t got round to it yet. Other projects draw my attention. Like the look of your new yarn. Is it 3 ply?

    • They’re quite addicting! And I love that they get completed in small bits/chunks before the join. Sorry, I don’t know if the yarn is 3-ply. It’s Art Attack acrylic yarn from our local bookstore (I used a 5.5mm hook… hope this helps). Thanks!

      • Thanks, It does….. sounds an interesting book store. 🙂

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