Posted by: geekycrochetmom | February 21, 2013

Birthdays & Decluttering

It’s been quite a week.
We’ve celebrated the Big Boy’s 9th birthday withsome mall-ing & dinner. We surprised our little bookworm with some more Hardy Boys hardbounds:


And the following Monday, we brought his birthday cake & some spaghetti & chicken to school for sharing with his classmates.


Peanut’s 1st birthday fell on the same day (so she’s now 7-dogyears-old, is that right?). We surprised her with some great-smelling shampoo/conditioner, a dog “bone” treat, & a new toy.


She was quite pleased.

A good part of our weekend was also spent on some major cleaning & decluttering. We had an aircon unit installed in the den; two men drilled holes into one of the walls & we were quite shocked by the amount of dirt & dust that covered the whole house. Hubby also asked them to make the aircon “hole” in our bedroom a bit bigger so it can fit a 1.5hp unit in preparation for summer (our old one did not do the job well & has been thus handed down to the den). A bloody Sunday it was.


Everything had to be hauled out. Shelves & windows covered with plastic. My desk was a huge mess & dirt was uncovered from nooks & crannies – quite embarrassing.



My desk surface turned from looking like this…


… to this:


Ahh, so much better!



  1. Wow! Impressed with the desk. I must start de-cluttering mine!

    • Thank you. Every day is a “struggle” to keep the surface clear =D

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